Dutton Engineering Metal Fabrication Service



Working from your drawing; adapting it to improve performance or the manufacturing process, thus reducing cost; or working with you, to develop the design. Dutton was an early adopter of 3-D design – after all, it’s a 3-D world – and Dutton’s unique software incorporates CAD/CAM, Radan and LVD. We also have SpaceClaim Software a CAD program that provides a comprehensive suite of design tools for producing, validating and documenting complete digital prototypes. This allows you to visualise, simulate and analyse how a design will work under real-world conditions before the part or product is built, thus helping you to be more innovative and get to market more quickly, with fewer prototypes.

The Radan suite facilitates 3-D software models of complex sheet metal fabrications and full assemblies to be generated, thereby eliminating design errors before any sheet metal work is undertaken. Radan integrates 3-D models, CNC folding, punching and laser cutting machines. It also evaluates the best material to use and permits Dutton to reduce inventory and minimise costs, thus reducing the price of your job. You can take advantage of Dutton’s design skills for small quantities and prototypes to be produced in partnership with you. They can work with you to design and manufacture a product and, once it is proven, receive intellectual copyright and royalties, instead of charging you a fee.





Dutton can fold or bend metal sheets up to 4,000 mm long. Our advanced computer-controlled folding and bending machines use 3D data to allow the operator to make a series of bends in a component to a high degree of accuracy. The machines can record the exact position and pressure required for each bending operation to allow the operator to achieve perfect bends across a variety of operations on the part, thus eliminating rejects.

Dutton’s machines also have a deep opening height which allows bigger objects to be folded than is possible with many standard machines.

Your requirements will be discussed at the enquiry stage and if Dutton’s equipment can’t handle your job, we have contacts nearby who can.



Forming, countersinking and louvering can be labour intensive operations when carried out by hand. Dutton uses punching tools that can perform these operations accurately and consistently on up to 5 mm thickness mild steel, thus reducing your costs.


A full range of MIG/TIG welding is carried out on site. Our welders are Coded and can work to ISO1090 for CE marked products.

We produce metal fabrications for electrical, electronic and medical applications as well as products for the marine and architectural markets.

With over 50 years hands on experience polishing and graining stainless steel , our high quality grained finishes can be found in a number of high profile locations